Confirmed tornado causes damage in Iowa

Damage from the tornado in Wayland, Iowa.

Thursday evening and into early Friday morning, storms ripped through the Heartland, and one confirmed tornado touched down in the town of Wayland, Iowa.

The storms rolled in so quickly, residents are still trying to figure out what happened. And on Friday, they were able to see the damage the storms caused in the daylight.

"My sister-in-law called and said that there was a storm on the ground over by Sugar Creek Church in Wayland, and that it was for serious and that it was for real, that we needed to go to the basement, so we did," said Wayland resident Janis Johnson. "Within about five minutes you could hear stuff crashing into the house and that's about all that lasted, was about five minutes and it was all over except for the rain last night."

While Wayland was hit hard, the tiny town of Noble, Iowa was hit even harder. All day Friday, residents were out in their yards picking up debris and trying to repair the roofs and homes and barns that were damaged. Waco Community School District did not hold any classes, and instead, students came out to pitch in and help their friends and neighbors.

"We are cleaning up mess from the tornado," said Katie Malloy. "We've been walking out in the pasture and getting pieces from the roof and stuff."

"Pretty much been helping out with the damage and stuff... picking up wood," said Emily Evan.

The Salvation Army and the Red Cross were on hand and the sheriff's department and electric companies worked to repair the roads and power lines.

Residents hope that what they remember from this storm is not the damage it caused, but how it brought them together.

"I probably had ten people I didn't know stop and make sure that we were okay," Johnson said. "Otherwise my yard is pretty well done. And other than trees and stuff, we lost one window in the house, I know a lot of people lost more parts of their house, so I think we're pretty lucky."

So far, there are no reported injuries from the tornado.