Congregation says farewell to pastor

Glenn and Judy Archer.

â??God led us here just as clear as the noon day sun,â?? said Pastor Glenn Archer. Glenn Archer has been the pastor of Faith Baptist Church for eight years. â??It's been a wonderful experience,â?? Archer said.

Now the church has to say goodbye. Archer said he is retiring and moving back to Kentucky because of health reasons. "We found people here at Faith Baptist Church who love Godâ??s word and love their pastor, and they've been so good to us."

Cindy Baxter has been a member of the church for fifteen years and said Archer will be greatly missed. "I can tell you that Iâ??ve seen our church as individuals grow and I myself can attest to that,â?? Baxter said. â??His leadership and his teaching of the word of God have taught me how to have a closer relationship with the Lord."

Archer said there are a few things he knows was God's will for his life he said, his college, marrying his wife and coming to Kirksville. "I remember those incidents where the leadership of God's will is so plain, there's no doubts about it coming here was part of that.â?? Archer said he has been in ministry since 1963.