Congress doesn't take action on Farm Bill, farmers face uncertainty

Leaders in the House decided on Thursday that they are going to focus on a number of issues, including the Farm Bill and the Wind Energy Tax Credit, after the November election.

The decision by the Republican leadership is not sitting well with many in the Iowa delegation.

Congressman Dave Loebsack spoke with KTVO Friday from the U.S. Capitol.

Loebsack says by holding up the Farm Bill vote, many farmers face uncertainty; and that the five-year plan he and many other Democrats and some Republicans backed, is good for farmers throughout the Heartland.

"There are many, many Republicans, especially a lot of new Tea party oriented Republicans, who are just concerned about government involvement in the farm economy and don't want to have any government involvement, and that is where the crop insurance issue comes up. This reform Farm Bill is good for farmers, is good for family farmers, is good for Iowa farmers; in part, because the crop insurance part of it and it also does away with direct payments," Loebsack stated.

Many within the Republican party want the food stamp program, which is included in the Farm Bill, reformed. However, many Democrats believe that the cuts Republicans want to make to the program are too drastic.

At the end of September, the government will be operating on a Farm Bill program which was written in 1949 because congress would not take action.

Washington, D.C. â?? Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement today after the Republican led Congress closed up shop until November to go home and campaign. From August 3rd through November 13th, the House leadership only scheduled a total of eight days of voting, while a mountain of critical work was left on the table. Among the issues that have not been dealt with include:

Farm bill

Middle class tax cuts

Wind energy production credit


Comprehensive jobs package

Research and development credit

Violence Against Women Act

Postal reform

Sustainable growth rate

Biodiesel credit

Unemployment insurance

National Defense Authorization Act

Expiration of Midwestern Area Disaster Bonds

â??When the Republicans came into Congress two years ago they made a lot of promises, but in the end, all the American people got was a lot of hot air.

â??Iowa farmers are suffering from the worst drought in decades and what has the Republican Congress done? Nothing. Middle class families are facing a tax increase and what has the Republican Congress done? Nothing. Iowaâ??s wind energy economy is facing uncertainty and instability and what has the Republican Congress done? Nothing. Folks are still in need of finding work and what has the Republican Congress done? Nothing. The list of inaction really does go on and on and on.

â??The fact that Republican Leaders in Congress are putting the â??closedâ?? sign on the door of the Capitol is just another one of the games they have continued to play, but frankly, it is just irresponsible. There is too much critical work to get done before closing down. I have been calling on Congress to remain in session since early this summer and I remain committed to getting done the work that Iowans are demanding.â??