Congressional candidate focuses on business

John Archer addresses Ottumwans on business and education.

There were only a select few chosen to address either National Convention, and one of those was John Archer, the Republican candidate for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District.

Archer spoke to the crowd in Tampa last week, calling it an "honor", and was back in Ottumwa Friday to talk business, education and the fundamental differences between himself and incumbent Congressman Dave Loebsack. Archer said the biggest divide between himself and the congressman -- experience.

"With my experience at John Deere, and being part owner of the Schebler Company in Bettendorf, I understand what small businesses go through on a day-in, day-out basis," Archer said. "It's the burdensome regulations, the uncertainty with respect to the tax code, so that's the experience that I'm going to take to Washington DC to help small businesses - the engine of growth here in America -- to create the desperately needed jobs here in Southeast Iowa."

It's business that has been the focus of Archer's campaign as of late. He recently announced the creation of the Small Business Owners and Professionals for Archer, a group of small business owners from various counties across the state.

Tricia Lipski, of Washington County, owns a law office in Fairfield. She spoke at Friday's round-table meeting, stressing the importance of a representative in Congress who is in touch with the needs of small business owners and other working class members.

Archer also vowed to visit each county in his district four times a year if elected, in order to stay in tune with constituents.