Congressional candidates focus on jobs days before the election

With Election Day just six days away, candidates continue to criss-cross the Heartland; trying to persuade voters.

Wednesday morning at the Vine Coffee House in Ottumwa, Republican Congressional Candidate John Archer spoke with voters about why he is the best candidate for Iowaâ??s 2nd Congressional District.

Archer took a few minutes to speak with KTVO about how he would go about in bringing more jobs and career opportunities to the people of southeast Iowa.

"What we need to do is, we need to provide those entrepreneurs, those small businesses and those large businesses with certainty so that they can go out and invest the dollars that they have. These companies have dollars that they are sitting on, so they can go out and invest these dollars and create new jobs. We need to get consumer confidence going back again because this is a consumer driven economy, and consumers donâ??t know what their tax rates are going to be come January 1st of next year; and that is weighing down on this economy as well. So, it is providing certainty for job creators, small businesses, large businesses and entrepreneurs, and it is also about providing confidence for consumers to go out and spend dollars,â?? Archer said.

After visiting Ottumwa, Archer went on to campaign in Bloomfield.

After speaking with John Archer Wednesday, Congressman Dave Loebsack spoke to KTVO about what he has done to help bring more jobs to southeast Iowa, and also what he would do to continue bringing industry to rural Iowa.

â??I was there (Ottumwa) recently to celebrate the announcement about the business incubator that is going to be great in terms of leveraging local resources with a little bit of federal resources, to assist folks who want to create small businesses, and in the process employ folks as well. So, those are a number of things that I have been doing and working hard on; the Farm Bill as well. I have been working hard on getting that out onto the floor of the House of Representatives. It is being held up by Speaker Boehner; but there is a very important jobs component there, in the USDA Rural Development part of that bill, so that is something that I want to see moved forward on as soon as possible,â?? Loebsack said.

Congressman Loebsack said that he would also continue to pressure the house leadership on getting a jobs bill passed as soon as possible when they return from congress after the general election.