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      Congressional Republican candidates debate in Moravia

      Two Republican candidates running for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District took part in a debate Friday evening in Moravia.

      John Archer and Dan Dolan have been criss-crossing portions of southeast Iowa over the past couple of months, trying to get the word out on why they would be the best candidate to take on incumbent Democrat, Congressman Dave Loebsack in the November election.

      Questions in the debate ranged from social issues, like same-sex marriage, to energy independence.

      Also discussed during the debate, issues concerning farmers in Iowa.

      Both candidates told the crowd gathered that they believe from what they have heard, subsidies for farmers need to end.

      "Time and time again, we've heard farmers say, just leave us alone. We don't need government handouts. We don't need government subsidies. Just leave us alone to do what we do best, and that is feed the world," said Archer.

      "They say, Dan, get rid of the programs; but I want one thing, I want a backstop. If a tornado comes through, destroys my fields, hail, that catastrophic loss insurance, a backstop," said Dolan.

      The primary between Archer and Dolan takes place on June 5th.

      Again, the winner of that contest will go on to face Congressman Dave Loebsack in November.