Congressman Dave Loebsack listens to seniorsâ?? concerns

U.S. Congressman Dave Loebsack made several stops throughout southeast Iowa Friday.

Friday morning he stopped by the Salvation Army in Ottumwa to speak with seniors, and listen to their concerns.

Those attending the question and answer session had several concerns, ranging from the recent rise in gas prices, to Social Security benefits to Medicare.

KTVO spoke with Congressman Loebsack about two of the issues, Social Security and Medicare.

Congressman Loebsack heard from several constituents during the forum about their concerns that Republicans and others want to privatize the program.

â??Seniors are very nervous; others who are going to be seniors or retire are very nervous about taking money out of social security, where it is secure and where there is a guarantee in return and putting it into the stock market. Weâ??ve seen the risk of doing that over the past several years. It does not make any sense to me. I am going to do everything I can to make sure it does not happen,â?? said Representative Loebsack.

Another concern that the congressman has spoken about several times, are the changes coming to Medicare.

â??Certainly with Medicare, we've added to the life of the program through the healthcare bill. With Medicare, also, in the coming years, not the too distant future, we are going to have a fix to the Medicare reimbursement rate issue, which so negatively affects Iowa. This really hampers our ability to get providers to Iowa, because the Medicare reimbursement rate is so low, yet the quality of our care is so good,â?? said Representative Loebsack.

Congressman Loebsack is asking the public to contact his office if they have and questions, comments or concerns regarding any issue.

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