Congressman Dave Loebsack shows his support for the Lake Belva Deer project

Congressman Dave Loebsack has made it a point to visit small businesses in southeast Iowa, being that one of his main platforms is rural economic development.

The congressman was in Sigourney Saturday to show his support for what the newly dedicated Lake Belva Deer will do for the local economy.

â??Well the thing pays for itself. Itâ??s a pay as you go thing. The cabins are rented out â?? folks come here, they buy groceries, they do all the things you do when they stay here. And they really put money back into the economy. So this thing pays for itself. There was some initial government investment but it really pays for itself. And itâ??s re ally fantastic in that sense,â?? said Representative Loebsack.

Last year alone, the park brought in more than a quarter of a million dollars â?? all of that money going towards Keokuk County.

Loebsack said the park is a great example of rural economic development and is excited for what the future of the lake has to bring.