Congressman Loebsack focuses on small biz owners, local economy

Congressman Loebsack is back from Washington for the rest of the week, and is reaching out to Heartland business owners.

The democratic congressman met up with the Mayor of Keosauqua to discuss the economy. He says one issue is he passionate about is the survival of small businesses in Rural America. Mayor Hranicka and Congressman Loebsack went door-to-door talking to local business owners and discussing any of their concerns.

"Van Buren County often has struggled in recent years," Congressman Loebsack (D) IA-02 said. "It's a difficult economy around the country, but in the part of Iowa in the Southern tier of Iowa often, it's been even more difficult because the rural nature of the local areas here, but I know there are businesses here that do quite well and are very strong backbones for the economy, but I want to hear about what folks on Main Street have to say about all this."

Loebsack will be heading back to the nation's capital on Monday to share his opinions on helping small communities thrive.