Congressman Loebsack shows his support for IHCC Business Incubator

It was just this week that Indian Hills Community College found out that they received a $750,000 federal grant for a new business incubator.

This is a multifaceted project that Indian Hills initiated two years ago to boost regional economic development.

â??And we hope with this project it'll help attract new businesses and help birth new businesses in the region and help with employment,â?? said Jim Lindenmayer, IHCC President.

This coupled with the new Work Force Center, the Job Corps Training Center and redevelopment of the Advanced Technology Center at the North Campus deals with workforce issues and employment issues in the region.

The business incubator is more or less a support system for those that are starting up new businesses.

â??So basically have a board that's going to be filled with people like bankers, lawyers -- you know, those business people -- those types of people that can mentor those young business people or just, they don't have to be young. It can be whatever age; they're just maybe new to business,â?? said Martha Wicke, Associate Dean of Governmental Affairs and Information.

The new business incubator, which will be out at the North Campus, has the full support from Congressman Dave Loebsack.

â??Especially as far as investment in the community, creating new businesses, expanding businesses that exist already and creating a lot of new jobs; that is what this is about. Up to 450 new jobs potentially can be created because of this $750,000 investment. Itâ??s going to leverage a lot of private money, upwards of 8 million and looking forward to going out and seeing the site where this will be eventually. And it's about the bio-processing in this area as you know, Cargill over in Eddyville, and it's really a regional approach to economic development and job creation,â?? said Congressman Loebsack.

Officials said that they hope the business incubator building will be built by next year.