Congressman Loebsack talks to veterans in Ottumwa

Congressman Dave Loebsack hears concerns from veterans in southeast Iowa.

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, Congressman Dave Loebsack is hosting a series of roundtables to talk to veterans and their families.

The consensus in Ottumwa Monday was that the actual care veterans receive in southeast Iowa is very good. However, the problem comes with the long amount of time, sometimes months and years, it takes for veterans to first get into the system, and then file claims.

There is not one simple fix to those problems, which is why the congressman said it is a good thing the Veterans Affairs scandal has put these issues into the spotlight.

"The president just assigned one of his aides to do a report on the VA system and he calls it a "corrosive culture" that exists there," Congressman Loebsack said. "I have not been able to read that report yet, I'm going to look at that, obviously, I hope there's a lot of detail there because, clearly, we've got to deal with that culture as it exists and make this better for our veterans and for their families."

Another issue discussed Monday was housing for elderly veterans and how to better provide for their needs.

Congressman Loebsack also stopped for a roundtable in Iowa City Monday.