Congressman Loebsack visits Centerville Municipal Airport

Wednesday Congressman Dave Loebsack paid a visit to the Centerville Municipal Airport.

He helped advocate for Centervilleâ??s airport to receive an airport grant.

The Congressman even got to hitch a ride on one of the planes.

The grant will go toward purchasing another 47 acres for the facility which will help the airport keep within the guidelines set by the FAA.

Congressman Loebsack said the airplane grant in general is good news for Centerville.

â??Smaller towns in Iowa and across the nation often struggle as far as economic development is concerned. And whenever we can do something to improve an airport, a local airport, then that's going to mean of course that more people have access to the airport, more people therefore will have access to the community. So hopefully it's going to help in terms of economic development, getting more interest here, make investments in the community,â?? Loebsack said.

Many city officials and members of the community showed up Wednesday to show support for the airport and listen to Congressman Loebsack speak.

Congressman Loebsack also told KTVO that he had a conference call with the Chief of Staff to President Obama about the situation in Syria.

Itâ??s an issue that is raising many differing opinions with Americans, whether or not the US should take action against Syria.

The congressman said the real question should be what can be done to prevent what happened in Syria again and will taking military action be efficient and absolutely necessary to pre vent it from happening again.

â??I think that the President needs to continue to try to convince the American people that any action in Syria no matter how large or small is something that will be effective that will accomplish what's intended to be accomplished and that's to deter Mr. Assad, President Assad from using chemical weapons again. Iâ??m not sure the American people are convinced. Congress is not convinced at this point. Iâ??m not convinced. So Iâ??m looking for more information. Iâ??m willing to listen but I also want to engage in a discussion with the administration,â?? Loebsack said.

Congressman Loebsack said he is not sure how is going to vote next week but he said given all of his concerns, he is leaning against actions being taken.

The congressman is asking his constituents to weigh-in on the issue and is taking a poll. In an email sent out late Wednesday afternoon, Loebsack says, "Hearing your thoughts is an important part of my deliberations."