Congressman Loebsack visits new SIEDA building, hears funding concerns

Congressman Loebsack meets with SIEDA representatives in their new building.

Last week, KTVO reported that the Southern Iowa Economic Development Association relocated to a new building on West Main Street in Ottumwa, mainly for financial purposes. The cost associated with the new building will allow for SIEDA to allocate more funding for program services.

Wednesday afternoon, Congressman Dave Loebsack visited Ottumwa to not only tour the new space, but also hear the concerns of those who run the organization. The government sequester impacted SIEDA and many of its programs in a negative way and the current budget situation in Washington DC doesn't offer much hope when it comes to future funding.

"That means that it's going to be very, very difficult to continue funding programs like this at the level that we've funded them in the past, so that's going to fall to the states and localities and hopefully the larger community will be able to pitch in as well," Congressman Loebsack said.

The congressman added that the budget bill passed by Congress is not perfect by any means, but it at least allows cuts resulting from the sequestration to be limited by about half.