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      Congressman Loebsack visits two rural hospitals in SE Iowa

      Congressman Loebsack meets with <font size="2">Davis County Hospital's Physician Clinic Manager Kelly Pottorff</font>

      Davis County Hospital has a new ambulance thanks to a $46,900 grant from the USDA??s Rural Development Program.

      ??The department of Agriculture has this rural development program which is a really great program, and they've been able to help smaller hospitals like this and other entities around the state in advance,?? Congressman Dave Loebsack, (D)-Iowa, said.

      On Saturday, Loebsack took a tour of the hospital and met with various staff members, including Davis County Hospital's physician clinic manager.

      ??Him coming and just showing his interest in what??s going on here, and willing to just take some time to listen to us is fantastic,?? Kelly Pottorff said.

      The congressman says he is fighting for rural hospitals to continue to get the same reimbursements for Medicare services.

      ??When I go back to Washington D.C. [I want] to make sure that reimbursement rate stays as high as it is because it??s really important," Loebsack said. "You know the administration has proposed cutting that reimbursement rate, and that??s not acceptable as far as I??m concerned."

      From Davis County Hospital Congressman Loebsack made his way over to Van Buren County Hospital.

      "They??ve got a Community Services Center they set up, and they got the same kind of thing, a USDA loan and that??s really fantastic for them because that??s where the Head-Start Program is, where the WIC Program is??Women Infant Children and a number of others, and that??s the service those folks and that??s for the low-income folks who are really struggling right now as you know in this economy," he said.

      The hospital in Keosauqua received $1.44 million dollars in assistance from the USDA Rural Development Program for their Community Services Building.