Congressman Sam Graves holds town hall meeting at ATSU campus

Republican Congressman Sam Graves held a town hall meeting with the public on the campus of ATSU in Kirksville on Thursday morning.

The meeting was held in the Mehegan Room with a wide variety of topics ranging from jobs and the economy to cuts in government spending.

He also took questions on the affordable care act and concerns about the situation in Syria.

As the chairman of the Small Business Committee, the congressman has a definite opinion about the President's signature health care bill and it's effect on NEMO business interests.

"Well to be quite honest with you I would like to see it repealed, it's extraordinarily un-workable and it's premiums are being increased every single year now on small businesses, they've been going up before now they're going up even more as a result of this," he said.

Congressman Graves held two other town halls on Thursday, one in Canton and the other in Hannibal.

He will return to Washington on September 9 when Congress ends its Labor Day break.