Congressman Sam Graves talks immigration, small business

U.S. Rep. Sam Graves (R) - Missouri

Immigration reform and small business were the topics of discussion Friday afternoon in Memphis, Missouri.

It was a packed house at Keithâ??s Café as Congressman Sam Graves discussed a bill he introduced.

He said his proposal would make sure all businesses have the opportunity and the tools needed to verify that individuals they hire are in the country legally.

â??One of the things being talked about in Washington is amnesty or just making all illegalâ??s that are here legal now,â?? Graves, (R)-Missouri, said.

â??I do not agree with that. I think it is the wrong approach. It has never worked before, and weâ??re trying to keep that from happening and put some enforcement into the laws that we have.â??

Graves said the biggest thing right now that could have an impact on businesses is regulatory reform.

â??A lot of small business and agriculture just simply cannot afford some of the things that are coming out of the EPA or coming out of OSHA or some of the agencies like that,â?? Graves said. â??And we want to assess some of the cost and the problems associated with regulations that are done by people that are not accountable by bureaucrats in Washington.â??

Graves said he is looking at how the Affordable Care Act will affect small businesses.

â??We're just now continuing to learn some of the things that are in it,â?? Graves said. â??A lot of small businesses simply are not going to be able to afford it. So they are choosing just to pay the penalty that requires individuals to have to go out and find their own insurance. So, itâ??s a pretty tough situation, and weâ??re taking a look at that.â??