Congressman Sam Graves visits Memphis and Knox County

Congressman Sam Graves made his way around northeast Missouri Tuesday stopping by the Harrison Fishery in Knox County around noon and also, an early morning stop in Memphis, Mo. to check out the Pheasant airplane.

While visiting the Farley museum, Graves got a tour of the antique airplane. An aviation enthusiast, Graves said the Pheasant airplane is a real gem.

"I have waited a long time to get a chance to come over here and see it and I'm very familiar with the airplane itself," said Rep. Sam Graves, (R) - Tarkio. "That's kind of one of my big interests-aviation. It's a pleasure to be able to get over here and touch it."

He also talked to the crowd about the Farm Bill, and the Drought Relief Bill. Graves said the Drought Relief Bill will pass if the Senate brings it to a vote. In regards to the Farm Bill, Graves said he will vote for it in its current state when he returns to Washington. The House version cuts around $30 billion from the food stamp program. Graves also took questions from the crowd.

Graves is running for U.S. Representative in Missouri's new sixth district which includes all of northern Missouri. He is running against Democrat Kyle Yarber.

When we asked Graves if Congressman Todd Akin should drop out of the race for U.S. Senate, Graves said he hasn't seen the video of the interview where Akin made the controversial comments about rape, and he said the decision should be left up to Akin and his family.

"I haven't seen the full story about what he said. Obviously, he completely mischaracterized what rape is because it's a terrible, terrible, thing and I disagree with him on that completely," said Rep. Graves.

"I haven't seen the video of his apology yet either. I guess we're just going to let it play out and let it be a decision that he's going to have to make, he and his family on their own."

Here's alink to our interview with Rep. Graves.