Congressman talks about Medicare

Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack was in southeast Iowa Wednesday talking to senior citizens about Medicare.

The congressman was joined by officials from agencies that make sure that seniors do not become victim to Medicare fraud, but to also answer any questions they had with open enrollment.

KTVO had a chance to speak with the congressman about the super-committee that is meeting and is currently dealing with America TMs debt and finances. Those talks are on-going, but there are certain political organizations that believe some of those cuts should come from Medicare and other entitlement programs.

Congressman Loebsack has introduced legislation, bi-partisan legislation, which would make those meetings public. Currently, the super-committee meets in private.

Well, my legislation would be to shine a light on their proceedings, and make certain that their proceedings are open and streamed live on the internet; so we can see what they are doing and what they are talking about, said Loebsack.

The Iowa congressman also believes that each person on that committee should be more transparent when it comes to lobbyist.

Within 48 hours, they would have to tell us, the public, report to us the lobbyist they have talked to and met with. Within 48 hours, they would have to report to us any campaign contribution they have received of $500 or more. That is currently not the cast at the moment, said Loebsack.

For help with Medicare or open enrollment questions in southeast Iowa, you can contact the Seneca Area Agency on Aging at (641) 682-2270.