Conservation Board hosts class on ice fishing rods

Participants learned how to construct ice fishing rods, a craft that is growing in Iowa.

With the colder weather, many Iowans are ice fishing; and because of that, some people in Wapello County were at the Pioneer Ridge Nature Center Saturday morning to learn how to make ice fishing rods.

The Wapello County Conservation Board put on the program, teaching people how to construct the rods, which is actually a very popular hobby in northeast Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Board Director Kurt Baker told KTVO that he would like to see the program expand.

â??What this does, it provides an opportunity for people to customize their fishing rods. There are so many different kinds of customizations that can be made with the individual rods; so this program today is just a way to try to introduce people to the art of rod building and hopefully that interest will grow. Therefore, we can evolved from ice fishing rods to more desirable type rods that people use during the spring, summer and fall,â?? said Baker.

Baker added that as the program expands, the board will post information on their website, which can be viewed here.