Construction begins on Market Street Bridge

<p>Construction workers are currently preparing the Market Street Bridge for work and demolition.</p>

The weather and the snow made for a turbulent start to construction on the Market Street Bridge.

The city officially closed the bridge on Monday as work got underway.

Construction workers are currently preparing the bridge for work and demolition.

Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers says the alternate routes donâ??t seem to be too much of an inconvenience to residents so far.

â??We're lucky that we have a number of bridges kind of in the center part of the community. Whether we're going out the highway or the Jefferson Street Viaduct, you know a block or two the other direction, you're going to find another access, so that's been to our benefit,â?? said Rodgers.

The long-term, $3 million deck replacement project consists of demolition through the winter and spring months.

Construction and aesthetic touches to the project will continue through the summer and fall as well.

City officials anticipate the market street bridge to re-opened by the end of this calendar year.