Construction begins on Senior Behavioral Care Center

Seniors and adults suffering from mental health issues in Ottumwa will soon be able to receive treatment here at home.

Construction has commenced on the Senior Behavioral Care Center at the Ottumwa Regional Health Center.

The Senior Behavioral Care Center is designed to take care of seniors and middle aged adults that are showing a change in mental status that is impacting their safety or their ability to function appropriately.

The center will provide group sessions with a psychiatrist and medical personnel as needed to help these individuals cope with these issues.

Family members and loved ones will be heavily involved in the treatment process so they can better help care for these patients on the outside.

Ottumwa Regional Health Center CEO Phil Noel said mental illness often goes undiagnosed, and this center will provide a proper place for treatment.

"We see an awful lot of mental health individuals in our emergency room on a routine basis so that was part of our research," said Noel. "There's not really a place for appropriate placement."

The Senior Behavioral Care Center is set to open this Spring.