Construction budget getting smaller for MoDOT

<p>The Missouri Department of Transportation's will be facing a plummeting construction budget by 2017.</p><p> </p>

The future of transportation for the Show-Me-State is looking to be critical in the next few years.

The Missouri Department of Transportation's latest financial forecast shows a plummeting construction budget.

It was $1.3 billion five years ago. Now it is about $700 million and will drop to about $325 million by 2017.

With decline of state revenue based on the gas tax and federal funding, MoDOT has been preparing for this reality and has taken dramatic steps to reduce costs.

"We went through the five year plan direction. We reduced our staff by 1,200 people. We reduced our equipment . We reduced our buildings. So all of that was for the cost savings. We been making strides to reduce our costs. We are going to do the best that we can with the money that we have," said MoDOT District Engineer Amy Crawford.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission also decided recently to put expansion projects on hold. MoDOT will instead focus more on maintenance of Missouri's existing roadways to help save money in the long run.