Construction crews prepare Market Street Bridge for demolition

<font size="2">Week three of construction of the Market Street Bridge</font>

Week three of construction of the Market Street Bridge is well underway.

On Wednesday crews were working on building a causeway under the bridge in the Des Moines River. That will allow workers to access the piers when demolition begins. Those working on the project have also removed the old railings and concrete barriers. City Engineer Dan Sturm says so far the project has been going well. There were just a few minor delays due to the inclement weather.

â??They closed it down here a few weeks ago, and they started deconstruction on it,â?? Sturm said. â??They've removed the railings and the concrete barrier rails, and they started building the causeway in the river so they can access the piers and do the work they need to do in the river.â??

The $2.9 million Market Street Bridge Deck-Replacement Project is expected to take several months. Demolition of the bridge is set to take place within the next three to four weeks. Then crews can start construction on the new one. City officials anticipate the Market Street Bridge to re-open by November of this year.