Construction progressing rapidly at Douma Elementary

With construction progressing, school officials hope to move teachers into Douma Elementary by June.

Construction at Douma Elementary on Ottumwa's south side is rapidly progressing.

The building's shell, including the roof, windows and doors, have been largely left alone, but the inside has been completely gutted. A new kitchen space is being installed, as well as ADA-certified restrooms. The building will also be going green by using geothermal energy.

At Monday night's meeting, the Board of Education will be doing a walk-through at Douma.

"They've seen a lot on paper, but they've yet to see it visually in person, so we're excited about taking our board through," said Davis Eidahl, Ottumwa Superintendent. "I know paint is going up on the wall already and a lot of things are moving forward quickly that is accelerating our timeline and we hope to be in the building in June."

As construction progresses, the teachers will next begin to move into their classrooms.

Douma will host all Ottumwa kindergartners and first grade students beginning in the fall.