Controversial social networking law blocked by Missouri judge

A Missouri judge has blocked a controversial law not allowing teachers and students to communicate on Facebook, or other social networking sites.

The Cole County Circuit Judge said that the law prohibits freedom of speech. In doing so, the law is now on-hold until February. A hearing will now be held to see if the controversial law should be blocked all together.

If the law would have taken effect this Sunday, communication through social networking sites between teachers, current and former students, who are minors, through private messaging, would have been banned. There is debate on whether the law also meant that students and teachers could not be friends at all on social networking sites. When asked earlier in August, State Representative Zachary Wyatt said he'd like to see the legislature revisit that section of the law because teachers wouldn't be allowed to friend their own relatives.Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced Friday that he will ask the General Assembly to repeal the controversial provision in the special session next month.