Convicted Bloomfield murderer loses appeal

Larry Steen was arrested in 2010 after being found asleep in a Kirksville, Missouri cemetery./Davis County Sheriff's Office.

A Bloomfield, Iowa, man convicted of killing his ex-wife's boyfriend has lost his appeal.

Larry Steen was found guilty of Second-Degree Murder in 2011.

Jurors found that in September of 2010, Steen had walked into home of his ex-wife Cathy Clark, near Mark, Iowa.

Steen was angry that Clark's boyfriend, Randy Saner, was in the home.

According to testimony at the trial, Steen pushed his way into a back bedroom and shot the unarmed Saner.

KTVO viewers may remember that Steen was arrested after being found passed out in a Greentop, Missouri, cemetery.

At the trial, the defense told jurors that Clark had killed Saner and tried to frame Steen for the crime.

Steen's appeal argued that the defense should have presented evidence of his intoxication in an attempt to get jurors to convict on a lesser charge, such as manslaughter.

The Appeals Court said Steen's "go-for-broke" defense was a strategic decision, not evidence of ineffective counsel.

The 62-year-old Steen is currently serving his 50-year sentence at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.

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