Convicted killer hears sentence

Bruce Pollard Jr. was sentenced Thursday

An Ottumwa man convicted of first degree murder will spend the rest of his life in prison.

According to court records, Judge Lucy Gamon handed down a life sentence to 26-year-old Bruce Darnell Pollard Junior Thursday morning.

Pollard's punishment came as no surprise. In the state of Iowa, a first degree murder conviction carries a mandatory life sentence.

Pollard was found guilty in July of first degree murder in the death of Kenneth McDaniel.

Pollard also received 25 years on his conviction for first degree robbery in the case.

Pollard argued during the trial that he killed McDaniel in self defense, after the elderly adult theater manager tried to sexually assault him.

Prosecutors argued that McDanielâ??s murder was the result of a robbery gone wrong.

It took jurors less than an hour to convict Pollard.

Pollardâ??s days in court aren't finished just yet. He still has cases pending for a series of robberies he is alleged to have committed around the time of McDaniel's murder.

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