Convicted Kirksville killer gets new hearing

Jesse McKim of Kirksville is getting a new hearing.

A Cole County judge has agreed to hear evidence challenging the scientific work of a former medical examiner whose autopsy findings led to life prison sentences for two Kirksville men.

Circuit Judge Daniel Green on Monday scheduled a two-day hearing in late August at the request of Jesse McKim. He was convicted in 1999 of killing Wendy Wagnon two years earlier after an autopsy by former Boone County medical examiner Jay Dix that five other pathologists now say Dix got wrong.

They say Wagnon likely died from a methamphetamine overdose rather than what Dix determined to be "asphyxiation by undetermined method,"

The state Attorney General's Office opposed McKim's request for a new hearing. Prosecutors say his legal claims have already been rejected by other appeals courts.

(Information provided by The Associated Press.)