Correctional Officers protest hazardous working conditions

Corrections officers from the Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility were out in-front of their workplace Thursday, taking a stand on what they say is a dangerous work environment.

The officers, along with nurses and other staff that work at the facility, say that the facility is understaffed, and because of this, their work environment has become very dangerous.

The group, along with their union, AFSCME Local 2995, is calling on Governor Terry Branstad TMs office to hire additional correctional officers so that the working conditions can improve.

Douglas Buffikofer, a psychologist with the facility and a member of AFSCME Local 2995 believes that this is all a political ploy by the governor TMs office.

Management tells us that there are no funds to hire additional staff. Evidentially, they have requested staff positions. Then we hear from the governor TMs office that they don TMt have the money, and if we would give back wages, they might do something about it. We see that as a political ploy by the governor TMs office, said Buffikofer.

Staff members told KTVO Thursday that fellow employees at the facility have been assaulted and attacked by inmates as recently as Wednesday. They believe that if the facility was fully staffed, they would have less of a risk being attacked by the inmates.