Council approves plan for spending your tax dollars

The Kirksville City Council has approved the plan for spending your hard-earned tax dollars in the new year.

Council members unanimously approved the 2014 city budget at Monday evening's city council meeting.

The $37.5 million budget spells out how money will be spent across all city departments next year.

The new budget goes into effect on January 1, 2014.

Also at Mondayâ??s city council meeting, members voted to put a tax issue on the April 8, 2014 General Election ballot.

City leaders will be asking voters if they want the city to continue collecting a half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements around Kirksville, including construction of new streets, reconstruction of existing streets and storm drainage improvements.

The council also unanimously approved development plans for the former KFC property.

An out-of-state developer plans to tear down the existing, vacant building at the corner of Normal and Baltimore Streets and construct a new one in its place that will house two businesses.

Nothing is carved in stone yet, and no contracts have been signed, but the developer is in talks to bring a Starbucks and an AT&T business to Kirksville.