Council candidates: Glen Moritz and Brandon Athon

Five members of the Kirksville community are running for two open seats for the Kirksville City Council.

Each council member fills a three year position, after being voted into office by voters in the April election.

KTVO spoke with Glen Moritz who said he wants to give to the community.

â??One of the things I really believe in is family values,â?? Moritz said. â??Iâ??m going to be starting some basketball camps this summer in memory of my late son; Iâ??m so excited about that.â??

Brandon Athon said he is running for city council to be a part of the community.

â??We moved here about four or five years ago me and my wife,â?? Athon said. â??This is where we plan to raise our family, and I just like to help my community out and see it stay strong for the future.â??