Council members approve pay raise for Ottumwa's fire chief

Ottumwa City Council members approve pay raise for Fire Chief Tony Miller.

The Ottumwa City Council approved a salary increase for Fire Chief Tony Miller.

Chief Miller was appointed to the position in March of 2010. A condition to this appointment was that he pursues a college degree. In May, the fire chief received his Associates of Arts Degree. He is currently enrolled in college to complete a four-year degree. Based upon this condition being met, the pay scale for the position would be adjusted from $60,000 to $80,000. Ottumwa's Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers says the council approved the chief's wages to increase to $74,000 dollars at Tuesday night's meeting.

"That will increase again annually based on a six step process,â?? Rodgers said. â??Once Chief Miller completes his bachelor's degree then the council will again reconsider the issue of pay raise.â??

In six months, the fire chief will be reviewed for another raise to $76,000.