Counselor Day provides valuable information on college options

High school counselors from across Iowa attend Indian Hills' annual Counselor Day.

Just a few weeks ago, high school juniors converged on Indian Hills Community College's campus for Junior Day; Wednesday, high school counselors made a visit for Counselor Day.

Wednesday brought guidance counselors from Burlington, Indianola and beyond. The day's sessions provided information on ICAN, the new University of Iowa Engineering Transfer program and more.

Mount Pleasant brought their elementary, middle and high school counselors, along with the district's social worker, to get information to relay back to students.

"The nice thing is it solidifies us as a school district and it helps us prepare our kids for college, grades K-high school and it helps us put us all on the same page, giving the same message to the kids within our district," said Sara Leblanc, Mount Pleasant Elementary Guidance Counselor.

"It's good experience and gives us practical information for us to take back to our students," added Amy Pullis, the Guidance Counselor for Mount Pleasant Middle School.

The Mount Pleasant group said some of the most valuable information they received during Counselor Day was about financial aid options and the cost comparison between attending a community college for a year or two, or going to a university straightaway.

"Community college is a really good choice," said Debbie Moore, Guidance Counselor at Mount Pleasant High School. "And this information makes me more confident in what I'm telling my students."

The Mount Pleasant staff said they talk to their students as early as possible, as early as elementary school, in order for them to start thinking about the next steps after high school.