County creates burn ban

County creates burn ban

Kirksville City Council and the Adair County Commissioners met to discuss items of mutual interest on Monday.

The Adair County Commissioners had previously discussed invoking a burn ban.

Recently, the state of Missouri passed legislation that allows a county to establish a burn ban legally.

The Adair County Commissioners met with local fire departments and the Missouri Conservation Department while devising an ordinance to invoke a burn ban.

Adair County Commissioner Mark Thompson said the county now has an ordinance.

â??In the past you may have seen other counties say, â??Hey we have a burn ban this year, because it was so dry this summer.â?? They had a burn ban, but there were no teeth in it and it could not be enforced,â?? Thompson said.

â??Now, Adair County does have a burn ban that does have teeth in it and their will be penalties and/or fine, or incarceration in events someone is found guilty of violating the burn ban.â??

A burn ban is usually issued when there are extremely hot and dry conditions.