County now collects all city taxes

Adair County commissioners met Wednesday morning to finalize a plan that now allows the county to collect all city taxes within the county. This is for cities that have a tax levy including Kirksville, Brashear, Novinger, Village of Gibbs and now Highway Acres in Greentop.

â??City government of Greentop contacted Adair County during the late 2011 year and asked us if we would be interested in collecting their city taxes. Of course we are happy to help them out but we are only able to collect that portion that lies within Adair County. They are going to negotiate with Schuyler County, at Lancaster, for the collection of the rest of the city since it is a split city that lies right on the line,â?? Adair County Collector David Erwin said.

The county mailed its approximately 23,000 tax bills on Tuesday totaling $13,500,000. Adair County is asking anyone who does not receive their tax bill over the next week to contact the county assessor or collector immediately to figure out the problem and make sure your paper work was filed correctly.