County sending dogs to the pen

Adair County now has its own pen to house any stray dogs that are picked up out in the county.

For a long time, county commissioners have battled with the Adair County Humane Society about how much the county should pay to bring animals to the shelter.

The shelter in Kirksville no longer accepts animals picked up by the county because the county pays nothing to the shelter.

Adair County Commissioner Carson Adams told KTVO, this newly constructed pen will give the county an option on what to do with any dogs picked up by the Adair County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies have taken animals to the shelter in Macon on occasion in the past.

KTVO was told no animals have been brought to the new animal pen yet.

The city of Kirksville pays the humane society $2,250 each month to help with the costs of caring for the stray animals picked up in the city by Kirksville Police.