County vs. Humane Society: Round 2

Funding the Adair County Human Society has been an issue for the last five months.

Funding the Adair County Humane Society has been an issue for the last five months.

The Adair County Commission held a public meeting Tuesday morning, to again discuss the issue.

In Tuesday's meeting the Adair County Commission rejected the latest contract proposal by the Humane Society.

In that proposal, the Humane Society was asking for $70 per dog in addition to $10,000 per year.

KTVO spoke with 1st District County Commissioner, Carson Adams, and he said the Humane Society's contract proposal was way out of line with their proposal.

"We sent out the proposal to the Humane Society, they rejected it," Adams said. "They came back with a counter proposal which was $10,000 upfront, plus $70 a dog. Right now we're anticipating the number of dogs to be less than 20 per year, simply because we're only going to put on force that only vicious animals are to be picked up."

Tuesday, the county commission drafted yet another counter offer granting $80 dollars per animal and no other amount. The $80 will go toward feeding, housing and medical needs the dog may have.

The offer will be funded by the Adair County Sheriff's Office and all animals must fit under the vicious animal statue. According to Adams, a vicious dog is any dog that attacks a person or another animal, unprovoked.

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