Couple walking across the country with their dogs for a great cause

If you were driving around Centerville today, you probably noticed a couple walking a long distance with their dogs and they're doing it for a great cause.

Since March 1, John and Kait Seyal of Louisville, Kentucky have been walking about 20 miles a day across the country from the east coast in Louis, Delaware to the west coast with their dogs Grace and Max. They're walking to help spread awareness and stress the importance of pet adoption and pet therapy in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools in their "Dog Walk Across America" campaign.

They got inspired to do this by other travelers to go out and help make a difference in the world.

They've been using money they saved, donations, and sponsorship to help pay the expenses. Their friend, John Slater, is driving a car filled with supplies for the couple and the dogs.

The couple said it has been the never-ending support of family, friends, and strangers that help keeps them going.

"It's been very challenging and the hardest thing we have ever done. But it has been extremely rewarding. We've been humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity, support, and encouragement from random strangers. It's inspiring. We're inspiring others and they're inspiring back," John Seyal said.

Almost halfway there, the couple says this has been already a life-changing experience.

"We wanted to restore our faith in humanity. We heard from other travelers about the generosity of other people. You watch on the news about all this bad news out there and that people can't trust their neighbors anymore. We felt like we needed to meet our country face to face. This is going to stay with us for the rest," Seyal said.

The couple hopes to reach their final destination of San Francisco by Thanksgiving.

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