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      Court Clerk says no order in the court

      It was a heated State of the Judiciary Address at the Adair County Annex Building Friday morning.

      Circuit Court Clerk Linda Decker boldly addressed her frustrations with Circuit Judge Russell Steele and said he is not open to her opinions and thoughts.

      Decker address lack of certainty and willingness to communicate and work through her says is an inter-office issue.

      One of those issues includes the implementation of a clerk assistance program with one of our neighboring counties, Lewis County.

      She tells us that it is hard to function in her office or even have a positive attitude because of the turmoil Judge Steele has caused.

      â??I just felt like that I was not left with any other option, but to bring this problem to the public's attention. Judge Steele and I, as I had stated earlier, weâ??re basically at an impass and I just feel like we're unable to communicate,â?? said Linda Decker.

      Judge Steele tells us he understands the impact some of the decisions he makes have on people, but he says he's willing to work with Decker.

      â??We all have a common goal, we are here to serve the public and we can disagree perhaps about how best to do that, but certainly we need to work together, we need to cooperate, we need to make sure everyone is on the same page,â?? said Judge Steele.

      However, Decker tells us she has been trying to work with Steele from day one.

      Associate Circuit Judge Kristie Swaim and Court Services Administrator Matt Holt also addressed the group and discussed some of the new challenges facing the region's circuit court, including the rise in synthetic marijuana.