Courthouse to get much needed improvements

The Davis County Courthouse will receive a makeover from a new repair loan.

The $600,000 loan will help fix problems with the 130 year old building. Most of the money is coming from the Davis County Preservation Fund.

The biggest problem is water infiltration from the bell tower into the court house from recent storms. It will also help repair areas still affected by the hail storm of 2009. Officials don't expect to use all of the money.

Project Construction Manager Tom Prosapio says it's overdue.

"Just like your body, even though you go to the doctor to keep it up, sometimes something major happens. And in this case we've got some problems in the bell tower that's been exasperated by the hail damage."

County Supervisor Dale Taylor thinks its important to the community.

"We're really proud of this building. I hope that when we get done with this, this building will stand another 100 years. It's the center of our tourism. You never see a day go by when cars don't stop out in front here and take pictures."

The project will begin late May and should take 5-6 months to complete.