Crack down on drug called K2

Macon's Police Chief gave the public a lesson Wednesday night on a potentially deadly drug known as K2.

about 70 people showed up at Macon High School to learn more about the drug also known as "spice"

It's been around since 2006 but finally became illegal in Missouri in 2010.

"K2 is a plant material with the appearance of marijuana," said Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger. "Its being manufactured and marketed to our children, teenagers and young adults."

Even though it's illegal, manufactures have found a loophole.

"They are using chemicals that aren't currently banned and spraying the plant to create a synthetic marijuana," Olinger said.

Currently it's being sold as an incense but police say kids are smoking it and getting high off of it.

Police say the health issues involved with K2 should be a great concern to the public.

"From the incidences I've reviewed, my opinion is this is probably one of the worst things that's ever hit our country," said Olinger.

Some side affects from smoking K2 include: paranoia, anxiety, agitation, mood swings, lack of body control, nausea, memory loss, headaches, impaired vision and dizziness.

If you would like to learn more about K2 click here for more information.