Creative ways you can recycle live Christmas trees

Creative ways you can recycle live Christmas trees

If you have a live Christmas tree and are wondering what to do with it after the holidays, there are several creative ways you can recycle it.

The Department of Conservation says you can use your old Christmas tree to benefit the birds, fish and landscape. Surrounding your landscaping with old Christmas tree branches will provide extra insulation for your trees and shrubs. Enclosing bird feeders with leftover greenery keeps birds warm and protects them from predators. If you have a pond, you can also remove all decorations, and sink old Christmas trees, which is said to benefit fish and their habitat.

Public information officer Tom Rodgers says residents wishing to dispose of live Christmas trees can leave them on the curb for regular Tuesday bulky item collection throughout the month of January.

â??Holiday tree recycling for folks who have live Christmas trees that they're gonna dispose of after the holidays, we will be picking those up curbside in January, so hang onto those,â?? Rodgers said â??The birds especially like that kind of cover, and collection of those will be in January.â??

The City of Ottumwa recycles trees into mulch.