Crews bring Miller Building crumbling down

This is what the Miller Building looked like before it was demolished.

A longstanding, rundown building in downtown Kirksville virtually vanished over the Labor Day weekend.

Crews started demolishing the three-story Miller Building right next to Kirksville City Hall bright and early Sunday morning.

They worked on it more on Monday and Tuesday, and now just a big pile of debris and the building's first-floor shell remain.

Earlier this year, the City of Kirksville had given the previous owners orders to either fix it up or tear it down.

A few weeks ago, Kirksville real estate broker Ken Read bought the vacant building and recently hired workers to take down the structure.

Read told KTVO during a previous interview that remodeling the building would not have made good financial sense.

For now, demolition crews are leaving the outside walls standing to help contain the debris and keep it from spilling out into the streets until it can be hauled away.

Read said he expects to have the mess cleaned up in a couple of weeks.

He said they are salvaging as much brick, steel and wood as possible.

The rest of the rubble is being hauled by the truckload to the landfill near Macon.

Read said he is still contemplating what to do with the piece of property.

He said a multi-use building, such as retail space on the first floor and apartments or condos on the upper floors, is a possibility, but that's just one idea being thrown around right now.

That would be very similar to the Miller Building. It housed three or four businesses on the ground level and numerous apartments on the second and third floors.

Read said Truman State University is doing a survey to help find out what students needs are or what they would like to see in that location at the corner of Jefferson and Franklin Streets.