Curled-up boa constrictor found along local street

This boa constrictor was found frozen solid along North Lincoln Way outside Kirksville. (Photo by Adair County Sheriff's Office)

An investigation is underway after a large boa constrictor was found along a local roadway.

Before you panic, we should tell you the estimated eight-foot-long reptile was dead, frozen solid.

The Adair County Sheriff's Office got a call Wednesday afternoon about the large snake after a resident found it along North Lincoln Way not too far outside the Kirksville city limits.

Even though it was out of his jurisdiction, Kirksville Animal Control Officer Bob Allen told KTVO he couldn't help but respond to the scene to see it for himself.

Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick said his department has a lead on the vehicle that may have disposed of the boa constrictor along the roadway.

He says his deputies have been trying to track down the person who drives that vehicle to find out the story behind the snake.

Allen said it is illegal in Kirksville to own a snake that's longer than eight feet.

Investigators donâ??t know exactly how long snake was because it was frozen in a curled-up position.

The sheriff's deputies sent the deceased boa constrictor with Allen to dispose of it.

Allen said he put the big snake in a bag and threw it in the dumpster.

We will keep you posted if we learn any additional details about who had the snake, why it was frozen and why he or she dumped it along the road.