Curtain call at the McHaffey Opera House in the near future

The wooden seats at the top of the McHaffey Opera House are the original

Itâ??s like taking a step back into time; located in the heart of downtown Eldon, the McHaffey Opera House was built in 1891 and for many years has sat and collected dust.

That is until a committee was formed to restore the opera house as it was at the turn of the century.

Throughout the 120 years of its existence, the McHaffey Opera House has had many functions.

Originally, traveling troupes would come to the opera house which brought many people from out of town to Eldon. And believe it or not, basketball games were played in the early teens and 20â??s.

The last time it was formally used was during the 1940's. The local theater was flooded so the McHaffey started showing movies.

So when can we expect the next curtain call at the McHaffey Opera House?

â??It's ready to be used and it's kind of the questions have to be answers such as who, what, and when. So thereâ??s been a lot of discussion as to what type of program should be here, who should be performing, and such as that. But they are getting awfully close to really using the opera house as it was intended,â?? said Fred Thomas, McHaffey Opera House Restoration Committee member.

All of the flooring and many of the walls have been stripped and repainted in the opera house. Some of the original seating has been kept.

Thomas said the committee wants guests to feel like they are in a different time period when they enter the opera house.