Curtain call for Evans Middle School musical on Friday

Itâ??s the nearing the end of the school year for area school districts but as they say in show businesses, the show must go on.

Sixth graders at Evans Middle School have been rehearsing for countless hours after school for the past couple of months for the last musical of the year.

Itâ??s called â??Harmony High,â?? and itâ??s about a school where new kids are showing up and they are learning that things at Harmony High are done a little differently: everyone sings.

The director of the play Pam Deboer said â??Harmony Highâ?? is similar to Evans Middle Schools as the kids all have pride in their school.

â??The most fun for me is that they all want to sing out and they all want a solo and they're not afraid to go up to the mic and that's something that somewhere later on they lose so it's really enjoyable for me to get to see that,â?? said Deboer.

â??Harmony Highâ?? will be performed at Evans Middle School Friday evening at 7 with doors opening around 6:45. Tickets are available at the door for $5.