Daffodils deliver support to American Cancer Society

These daffodils will be delivered throughout Bloomfield, supporting the American Cancer Society.

The Bloomfield community came together in an amazing way to offer support to those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

In February, residents could purchase daffodils in honor of or in support of a cancer survivor, or someone currently battling cancer. Hope bouquets could also be purchased to send to children who are patients of the cancer unit at Iowa City Hospitals.

The daffodils were delivered out Thursday, and the table full of flowers proved how powerful the support of the community is.

"Daffodil Days has been with the American Cancer Society for over 40 years and this community, we did it several years ago, but it hadn't been done for a while so, I love flowers and I support the American Cancer Society, so I thought this was going to be a great fit for a project for me to do this year," said Susan Utt-Smith.

Students at Davis County High School were on hand to help deliver the flowers, which was a great opportunity to volunteer.

"It looks great on college applications, but it's very fulfilling too," said Davis County Senior Damen Dixon. "It's a lot of fun."

All of the proceeds raised from Daffodil Days goes straight back to the American Cancer Society, and Utt-Smith said she hopes to continue this event and make it a tradition in Davis County.