Damon Fowler plays at Memphis Theatre

A blues artist is coming to Memphis, Mo. to play a show at the Memphis Theatre.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday. Damon Fowler's show is free, but donations are happily accepted.

The Little Memphis Blues Society has brought in international acts in the past like Mike Zito, Michael Burks, and Jimbo Mathis. This show shouldn't be a disappointment. Even if you're not a blues fan, Damon Fowler's sound is unique and should cater to many different audience types.

â??This is going to be a three piece group. There's going to be a drum a bass and David fowler plays phenomenal, but my favorite is his lap steel. He plays a slide open tuned they call it, open tuned lap steel. He's got a very unique sound that if you really like country, it's there. If you like rap, itâ??s not there sorry.â?? said James Parker.

The Memphis Theatre is a very unique place to perform with great acoustics. When musical acts aren't performing, they have regular movie showings. Those in charge say prices are very reasonable with admission costing $3 and items at the concession stand are $1 each.

â??We've been $2 up until this year and we had to take it to $3 because I think itâ??s a tremendous expansion program. We went digital. This is strictly Memphis people did this, no government grants, no government give outs. We do our own thing.â?? said Harlo Donelson.

Donations are very important for the Little Memphis Blues Society. The organization enjoys bringing different acts to the community, but they often lose money on events. Donations typically help bring bigger acts to Memphis.

They encourage everyone to come out (even if you don't have money to donate) to have a great blues experience with the Little Memphis Blues Society.