Date delayed for Ken Turner stalking trial

Ken Turner was acquitted of all third-degree sexual abuse charges and third-degree kidnapping charge

A Bloomfield, Iowa man now knows when he will face a jury on a stalking charge.

Online court records show that Ken Turner will be in a Wapello County courtroom on May 28.

Turnerâ??s trial was originally set to begin Tuesday.

The felony charge is a result of Turnerâ??s arrest on sexual abuse charges in September of 2013.

Prosecutors say that in the days after his arrest, the 55-year-old Turner tried to intimidate the juvenile male who had made the accusations.

He has already faced a jury on the sexual abuse charges.

In February, a Keokuk County jury acquitted Turner of the most serious charges.

He was convicted on two misdemeanor counts related to his behavior with the minor.

Next up for Turner in that case, a July 17 sentencing hearing.

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