Dave Spence says he would bring new energy to Jeff City

Dave Spence

Dave Spence, a republican, is in the running to become Missouriâ??s next governor.

Tuesday night, he spoke to some Kirksville residents at Steveâ??s Garden Deli about what he would do if he's elected governor.

Spence said he would never increase taxes, and he would cut wasteful and redundant government spending.

He said, to get jobs to Missouri he will prioritize pro-business legislation, and that includes right to work.

Spence also talked about how he would make it harder for employers to be sued.

â??Weâ??re one of the easiest (states) in the nation to get sued especially for workmanâ??s comp,â?? Spence said. â??We have a lot of frivolous lawsuits and weâ??ve go to tighten it up. States around us, like Kansas, have a much tighter system. And so, it brings down the cost for doing business for everyone in our state when you tighten it up. People want justice, but letâ??s bring down the cost of the frivolous lawsuits. We need to get medical malpractice insurance caps backâ?¦ things like that.â??

When we asked him what's the biggest difference between him and Governor Jay Nixon, he said the difference between the two couldn't be bigger.

â??I don't think there's been a bigger contrast in the history of gubernatorial elections,â?? Spence said. â??The last time a business person ran was in 1937. I am a person who truly (has) the best interest (of the) 5.9 million Missourians in 114 counties. My opinions, my views and my office (will not be) for sale. I will represent all Missourians and be ethically diverse, geographically diverse in how we run our state.
I think we need to have a fresh set of eyes, ears and energy in Jefferson City. And, get back to doing what's best for all Missourians versus just for special interest.â??

We also asked Dave Spence about Education and Medicaid expansion.

You can view our full interview with Dave Spence HERE.